About Us

Our Role In This Mortgage Crisis

Team Ironclad Preservation Inc. services the default industry, banks, and other preservation firms.  We are here one hundred percent to service to your particular needs.

We utilize state of the art equipment, training, and various types of quality control measures to ensure that we deliver the best service, on time, each time.

We have been involved in this industry since September of 1997. We are familiar with all nationals work.  We have services for LPS, Safeguard, FAS, Core-Logic, Cyprexx, HUD, Ocwen, Bank Of America, MCS, and others.

We perform REO (Post-Sale) and PPO (Before Sale) for our clients and understand the challenges of both types of servicing.

Contact us today to see if we can help or even just to discuss the current events in our chosen field.

Good luck everyone whom chooses to be Property Preservationists. It is a rewarding career. One that is demanding yet ultimately rewarding in ways to often difficult to describe.